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The Municipality of Hünenberg

With its two attractive halves

One side of Hünenberg looks towards the west, towards the sun and the River Reuss.
It also has the ruins of an old castle and the Heinrich-Saal, a large room which can be hired out, as well as the Rüssspitz nature area. Its other half faces the lake, hence its name, «Hünen-berg See» This area and that which borders Cham are particularly attractive. Although it is divided by the Kemberg, both parts actually belong to each other.javascript:;
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  • Number of inhabitants: 9'045
  • Further districts and villages: Drälikon, Hinterhünenberg, Matten, Meisterswil , Rainmatt, Chamau, St. Wolfgang, Stadelmatt, Zollweid, Wart
  • Further information: www.huenenberg.ch