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Tree Tents Fräkmüntegg

​A special treat for nature lovers.

Only flying is nicer – spend the night in a swaying Tree Tent on the Fräkmüntegg. 
Like floating on clouds, swaying in the wind, the stars close enough to touch – you will sleep like a baby in the Tree Tents. In the evening a delicious grill and salad buffet awaits. Before climbing into your “air castle” admire the sunset and then it’s off to sweet dreams in the Dragon's nest on a bed of mountain air. After a restful night's sleep in the Tree Tent you start your day at the Restaurant Fräkmüntegg with a copious breakfast.
And then? Perhaps you feel like more adventures... By the way, the Tree Tents are spanned low to the ground between two trees. Getting in and out is easy. The tents, designed in America, have room for two to three persons.