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2.5-room holiday apartment in Untertann

Besenbeiz (farmer's bar) Grümel and holiday apartment in Oberaegeri

Attractive, furnished holiday apartment in the farmhouse. Well equipped kitchen, crockery, capsule coffee machine and microwave available. Bed linen is provided. Can be expanded up to 4 beds. Very quiet position, 2 km above the village centre, surrounded by greenery with a view of the mountains and the lake.
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  • Recommendation: It's best to travel by car. Public transport only available up to the village.
  • Information: This is a holiday apartment, and has no farm programme.
  • Wanderhütte Grümel (hiking cabin): Open Saturday and Sunday. Can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. Is located 20 minutes from the holiday apartment.
  • Enquiries to: Josy Rogenmoser Tel. 041 750 10 87 or wanderhuette-gruemel@gmx.ch