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Information Centre Morgarten

Touchscreen and holograms instead of halberds

A halberd (two-handed pole weapon) is nowhere to be found in the information centre Morgarten at the Letzi Tower situated among the few houses known as Schornen, which lies between Oberägeri ZG and Sattel SZ. Here visitors learn about the history of the area via high-tech devices. Two currently well-known Morgarten artifacts can be viewed through a hologram: the Morgarten flag and the Morgarten letter. The originals are on display at the nearby Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation (Bundesbriefmuseum) in Schwyz.
An oversized depiction of the historical battle on the front of the building welcomes visitors and connects the present with the past. Then suddenly everything changes, nothing is as it was and only the question “What really happened at Morgarten?” remains. Visitors can find the answer to this question on the two floors of the information centre.
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  • Open: April - November
    First full weekend of the month
    Saturday and Sunday
    10.00 am to 5.00 pm

    On request also during the week: Gemeinde Sattel,
    Tel. +41 41 835 18 08 oder gemeinde@sattel.ch
  • Parking: possible
  • Public transport: Bus stop "Sattel Schornen"
  • Admission: free
  • Download: Flyer (1.09 MB)
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