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Recreation Grounds in the Canton of Zug

On your marks, and get ready to let off steam!

Zug is a small, easily overseeable canton with lots of nature to discover. There are lakes, rivers, undulating hills, plains and woods, and all close by.
This is why the "Free time on your doorstep" project is particularly addressed at families. Whether you go by bike, on public transport or on foot, there are over 60 public recreation grounds easily accessible for families in the canton of Zug. Would you and your children like to find out about new recreation grounds and know which ones have somewhere you can make a fire or which ones have a water area, or simply which ones you can get to by bus? This online recreation ground guide provides you with all you need to know about what facilities they have and other special attractions in the individual municipalities.

This recreation ground guide has been put together jointly by the Department of Promotion of Health and Preventive Medicine of the Cantonal Department of Health and Zug Tourism.

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