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Heiner's Distillery

The special way of enjoying Zug spirits.

Our distillery stands out by its curiosity in trying out new products and striving to achieve the highest possible quality, something we do by ensuring we use the best raw products and getting the distilling process just right. Nor do not accept any compromises. With our careful distilling process we try to ensure we get every possible titillating aroma out of our raw ingredients to add to the enjoying of drinking it.
We make over 70 different unique, local and exotic spirits from such ingredients as rowan berries, loquats, cornel cherries, cherry laurels and black cherries as well as the more classic ingredients such as Williams pears. Of course, we make traditional kirsch, too. A number of national and international awards prove our determination to make products of the highest quality.
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  • Guided tours and degustation: +41(0)79 915 06 13