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S. Fassbind AG

Distilller of the Year - 2013/2014

S. Fassbind AG is the oldest trading distillery in Switzerland with a very interesting history.
Connoisseurs from way beyond the borders of Switzerland have got to know and appreciate the traditional quality of the spirits made from our central Swiss distillery over a period of 160 years. In addition to kirsch, our range of products includes those made from Vieilles Poires, as well as hearty plum brandies and those special ones like the Brut de Fût with a hint of wood about them. Whichever you choose, you can be sure of having a real taste of Switzerland.
Why not come along and experience the fascinating world of our traditional distillery first hand? We provide guided tours with tasting sessions for groups of between 10 - 60 people when booked in advance.
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  • S. Fassbind AG, Poststrasse 7, 6414 Oberarth, Tel. +41 (0)41 859 04 00, www.fassbind.ch, info@fassbind.ch