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Bachtalkeller - Bachtal Cellar

Room for events for up to 90 people in Sins

Appropriate for events for up to 90 people. The cellar is actually divided into two rooms (ante-room and cellar). Parking for as many as 90 cars is possible in front of the Bachtalkeller.
The municipality of Sins in the canton of Argovia was able to acquire the Bachtalkeller from the Airex AG company in August 2004, which meant that the rooms could be used for a variety of purposes. They are mainly used for cultural events but also available for youth project work. If you would like to see the rooms, you can always get the key from the municipal offices during normal opening hours.
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  • Facilities: Tables and chairs for up to 90 people, kitchen, washroom, possibility for open fire and barbecue
  • Reservation: Phone 041 789 70 10
  • More information: www.sins.ch
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