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MS Schwan

Nostalgic special cruises

The MS Schwan offer charter trips with departures and arrival all around the lake. Whether you are looking to hold an event for a business occasion, company trip, family celebration or meeting up with old school friends, you can be sure of enjoying a few hours of nostalgia on the MS Schwan.
As a start to a special evening we can offer an entertaining team event finishing at the ship's berth. We also provide drinks and will gladly arrange for a evening meal on board.
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  • Size of group: 50 people if ship is used for transport only, otherwise up to 40 people for drinks, 24 people with superior drinks and longer events
  • Cost: From CHF 800.00 as a flat rate,
    CHF 54.00 organisation fee, prices incl. VAT
  • Season: 1. March until 30. September
  • Infrastructure: Heating, use of toilets, plugs, service staff, crockery, with the possibility of bringing one's own drinks and snacks
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.