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Musical CHESS

Musical CHESS in Unterägeri
16th to 25th September 2016

This year, the English Theatre Group of Zug (EGTZ) celebrates its 30th anniversary and has been lucky enough to gain the performance license for the rock opera/musical Chess, live on stage from 16th to 25th September 2016 at the Ägerihalle in Unterägeri.
Coincidentally, it has also been 30 years since Chess, by Benny Anderssonand Björn Ulvaeus with lyrics by Tim Rice, first premiered in London. To celebrate both, EGTZ is planning a large scale and spectacular
production to be performed at the relatively new Aegerihalle, in Unteraegeri between the 16- 25 September. The story itself, set in the Cold War era, involves a politically driven chess tournament between two very charismatic men — an American grandmaster and a Soviet grandmaster — who are fighting to win the championship, and over a woman who manages one and falls in love with the other. This is no standard musical. It’s a love triangle that combines chess, politics and romance.
Chess is a musical with a fantastic range of music genres from rock to pop to sweeping symphonic dance pieces via a dash of comic Operetta. The two well-known songs “One Night in Bangkok” and
“I Know Him So Well,” were chart topping hits in their own right. And this show provides EGTZ with the perfect opportunity to display the talents of their group, with a large chorus, pop choir, gritty principal characters, as well as a mix of dance styles.