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Boat Building “we are all in the same boat”

The way to a seaworthy boat

“We are all in the same boat”, a metaphor provides the basis for a team event. Participants have the opportunity to build a boat together in this unique outdoor experience. They must first create a team, split up the roles and then they have the team experience of building their own boat.
The goal is to use the given material – without hammer and nails – but with lots of motivation and teamwork, to build a seaworthy boat within a certain time limit. What counts is not only the collaborative effort of every member, but also the individual skills. It is only possible to assemble the boat in a team, so that it can successfully be launched on the lake.
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  • Duration: Minimum 3 hours

  • Location:
    Lake Zug, Lake Aegeri and other swiss lakes

  • Size of group:
    16-100 person
    (larger groups on request)

  • Costs:
    CHF 3'450.00 set fee
    (up to 20 persons)
    CHF 175.00 per person
    (from 21 persons)
    CHF 324.00 set fee for support service and photo-CD
  • Extra fee:
    (enquiry within 48 hours before the event)
    CHF 54.00
  • Languages: German, English, French

  • Inclusive:
    All material required for the boat building incl.transport,
    Instruction, assistance and responsibility for safety by professional guides, equipment for the boat tour like life jacket and paddle

  • Exclusive:
    Extra costs for longer journey to the destination, rental charges for the location, Catering
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.