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Cocktail Mix Workshop

Mix a cocktail yourself

Would you like to surprise your guests at the next party and create tasty and colourful cock-tails yourself? At this Cocktail Mix Workshop first of all participants will be introduced to the colourful and fruity world of mixing cocktails and become familiar with the shaker tools, spirits, juices and trimmings. Then, in small groups, armed with various recipes, you can have a go at making 5 alcoholic and 5 non-alcoholic drinks with an appropriate decorative flourish. The highlight of the evening will be in the creation of your very own fancy drink, which will be judged on its taste and presentation by a specialist jury.
In diesem Cocktail Mix Workshop werden die Teilnehmer zuerst in die bunte und fruchtige Welt des Cocktail-Drink Mixens eingeführt und mit den Shaker-Utensilien, den Spirituosen, Säften, Garnituren etc. vertraut gemacht. Anschliessend stellen sie in Gruppen, bewaffnet mit den Rezepten, ihre eigenen 5 alkoholischen und 3 alkoholfreien Getränke mit üppigen Garnituren zusammen. Das Highlight des Abends besteht in der Kreation des eigenen Fancy-Drinks, welcher am Schluss von einer Jury nach Geschmack und Präsentation bewertet wird.
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  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Size of group: Between 20 to 50 people
  • Costs: CHF 85.00 per person
    plus possible rent of room
    Prices incl. VAT
  • Open season: Daily
  • Admission includes: Instruction, all materials, 5 alcoholic and 3 non-alcoholic drinks, presentation ceremony, prize and photographs.
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.