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Interactive tour

Discover the city of Zug in a completely different way with the "event & more CityWalk".

Take off in teams and find the unknown path through the city. You will discover some of the most beautiful and partially hidden locations of the city receive interesting facts about today?s Zug and listen to stories and saga. Similar as in a scavenger hunt, your teams will solve riddles in order to get to the next point.

You will obtain the necessary, sometimes puzzling, but always amusing indications from a portable audio system, through which the city and some of its historical figures will speak to you. Professional actors will lend a voice to Zug. This listen & walk system allows you to discover Zug without a usual "roadbook".

The event & more city walk exercises laughing muscles and grey cells of participants equally, and you will surely huddle a little closer, when you hear the traitor`s voice on the parapet walk!

Find the monkey near the Zytturm, hear the voice of old Gret Schell`s on the alley, and listen in on the conversation in the park between Swiss national heroes. Allow the legendary Seemüüngel to show you the splendid panorama on the Zugersee, and experience firsthand what the water landing of the American bomber was all about.

After approximately 90 minutes you will return to the starting point, where a "Apéro" or "Apéro riche" could be awaiting you.

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  • Duration: Approx. 1½ hours
  • Size of group: 6 – 100 people
  • Costs: CHF 162.00 set fee
    (up to 6 participants)
    CHF 27.00 per person
    (7 to 25 participants)
    CHF 21.60 per person
    (26 to 50 participants)
    CHF 16.20 per person
    (51 to 150 participants)
    prices incl. VAT
  • Extra fee:
    (enquiry within 48 hours before the event)
    CHF 54.00
  • Season: Daily
  • Included in the offer: Audio player per team, standard questionnaire, organization and supervision by a professional Team
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.
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