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Wooden puzzle workshop

Bringing together what belongs together!

The goal is to create a cohesive puzzle picture out of the initially square pieces of wood. This workshop integrates well into your seminar, your staff event or your executive workshop.
Each participant selects his piece of wood – oak, walnut, cherry... - each wood also symbolises the different characters of the employees. Then they arrange it, agree the common interfaces and define the transitions with each other. Communication by anyone with everyone is a prerequisite to creating a common whole. Raised against a glass wall, a coloured base plate or a rusty corrugated sheet, the unique creation appears as a work of art and is suitable as a decorative object in any meeting room or foyer...
Expansion options:
Ideal as a cognitive executive or employee event, seminar supplement. Expandable with an interactive programme. Expandable entertainment and framework programme possible.
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  • Group size: 5 - 75 people, more people of request
  • Duration: 2 - 4 hours
  • Period of implementation: Full year
  • Location, area: Canton of Zug, rest of Switzerland
  • Languages: German, English, French
  • Costs: CHF 3'400.00 Basisprice
    (10 persons)
    CHF 125.00 per each aditional person
    (11 - 20 people)
    CHF 120.00 per each aditional person
    (21 - 40 people)
    CHF 115.00 per each aditional person
    (41 - 75 people)
  • Inclusive: Management, material, material transport, tools, coffee and refreshment buffet, permits.
  • Exclusive: catering, rent of premises, thematic decoration, premises rent, show acts, personal transport, insurance for participants, other event services
  • Extra fee:
    (enquiry within 48 hours before the event)
    CHF 54.00
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.