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BiEAG Biomasse Energie AG

Heating plant

Electricity and heat are sustainably produced from biogenic waste from the region in the Biomass Heating and Power Station (Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk) in Hünenberg. This is a pioneering project for the provision of renewable energy.
Every day, around 100 cubic metres of biomass, such as manure, co-substrates from farming and industry, as well as food remnants from commercial undertakings are collected and fermented into bio-gas, which is then converted into electricity and heat in the combined power and heat station. The generated electricity is fed into the electricity grid, and the heat from the production is input into the district heating network. The resulting fermentation residues are used by farmers as fertilizer for their fields, thereby closing the ecological cycle of the biomass.
The village centre of Hünenberg and two schoolhouses are supplied with heat energy via the district heating network. A wood-chip heating installation covers the additional heating requirement in the winter months.
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  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday08.00 - 12.00 am01.00 - 07.00 pmSaturday08.00 am - 04.00 pm
  • Duration: Around 1 hour
  • Group size: One guide per 25 persons
    a maximum of 3 guides is possible
  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Costs: CHF 238.00Flat rate per tourCHF 54.00 for each additional group incl. VAT.
  • Info: The tour is also suitable for people in wheelchairs
  • Extra fee:(Enquiry within 48 hours before the event) CHF 54.00
  • Option: Aperitif on request possible.
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