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Farm Safari

Adventure event at the farm

On the farm Safari visitors are offered games and fun, while actively participating and learning about life on the farm and its inhabitants in an unusual and exciting way.
The farm Safari kicks off with the ChampBaar welcome aperitif with homemade bread and zopf, a typical Swiss plaited butter loaf, freshly from the oven. Once strengthened with the aperitif and zopf, the participants get divided into two groups to begin their adventurous journey: A ride full of surprise in the safari car, stops at exciting places and amusing games are part of the farm Safari. It does not end there: All the animals on the farm participants in the fun and the guests will meet them in a totally unexpected way!
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  • Important information: Please note that this event is designed for German speakers. However it can be organised for English speaking groups if one participant translates the event into English.
  • Duration: 1½–2 hours
  • Size of group: Max. 50 people per tour
  • Costs: CHF 29.70 per adult,
    CHF 14.60 per child,
    up to 16 people CHF 480.60 set fee,
    CHF 54.00 organisation fee, prices incl. VAT
  • Extra fee:
    (enquiry within 48 hours before the event)
    CHF 54.00
  • Season: 1. May to mid-October
  • Included in the offer: ChampBaar welcome aperitif, Safari ride, games and fun in nature, refreshments and events pleasing all senses
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.
  • Possible combinations
  • Lunch and dinner upon request as well as rental of different eventlocations