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11 Reasons for Zug

Zug - Surprisingly attractive.

The region of Zug is surprisingly attractive. With first-class travel connections and a unique blend of urban life and nature, Zug has rightfully drawn the attention of the international business world. It’s not only a great place to live with its sunset, cherries and two beautiful lakes, but visitors are quickly feel welcomed here. Of the many reasons that the area is so attractive, we have selected eleven. 11 convincing reasons for Zug.
#01 Accessibility
Zug lies in the heart of Europe and in the business centre of Switzerland. The city is close to larger Swiss cities, such as Lucerne and Zurich, and is also directly on the north-south axis towards Gotthard. The canton of Zug has a networked transport system in place to meet future needs. The bus and city railway timetables are synchronised and offer optimal connections to the residential, recreational and business areas of Baar, Zug, Cham and Rotkreuz. Zug also has a direct train connection to the international airport in Zurich.

#02 Quality
Reliability, efficiency, punctuality are important in Zug. The region represents Swiss values and is internationally known for its exceptional economic development over the last few decades.

#03 Authenticity
Zug offers the optimal mix of a pulsating city and country town. Zug stands for authenticity. Cherries, rötel (fish specialty) and Zug design are a part of the region’s personality. Its history is fascinating as well, and therefore the Battle of Morgarten and Castle Zug are very well known. Zug is also part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage with its underwater lake dwellings. Outside of the city, the region offers many outdoor activities such as a boat ride on the Lake Ägeri or a marathon stretch around Lake Zug. The Zug region offers every visitor an experience unique to this area.

#04 Services
Companies and groups, visitors and locals have a large selection of services to choose from in canton Zug. The MICE department of Zug Tourism takes care of hotel room allocation and organisation of group events. Zug Tourism also offers free referral of event locations, event providers and programmes. The Tourism Office is open seven days a week to provide information about the region. The Commerce Office is responsible for connecting businesses within canton Zug.

#05 Free Activities
You can take advantage of the many free offers in Zug. Bike rental at the different train stations or public swimming areas are free of charge for everyone. Bike trails and well-maintained network of hiking trails are also available to the public. Those interested in culture will find Zug especially attractive because so much art is displayed in public. Even the key to the landmark of Zug is available upon proof of a personal form of identification.

#06 Old Town
The old town of Zug invites one to take a trip in time. The medieval quarter consists of beautifully renovated buildings directly on Lake Zug – a must for tourists. A particular highlight is the blue and white roof of the Zytturm that can be seen from afar. The 52-metre tower is open to the public free of charge – and offers a special treat. Where else can you get the key to the city’s landmark?

#07 Events
There is always something going on in Zug. While people are caught up in hockey fever and kids are led around on camels through the city during the Fairy Tale Sundays in winter, the warmer months of the year are filled with events and exhibitions. From a large variety of cultural, film and musical events to sport festivals, Zug offers something for everyone.

#08 International & Progressive
Thanks to a consistent and forward-looking tax strategy, as well as a broad educational offering, Zug has attracted a lot of international companies. The result is a broad mix of highly qualified personnel. Even the start-up scene in Zug is unusually large for such a small canton. Zug is already known as a hub in the growing sector of blockchain technology, consisting of the famous bit coin currency.

#09 Openness
People from Zug are known for their openness towards other cultures and customs. So it’s not surprising that people representing 131 nationalities live in Zug. A large English-speaking community has also developed in Zug over the years. The city has several well-known international schools. Newcomers soon feel at home in their Zug neighbourhood.

#10 Stability
Switzerland stands for political and economical stability, sustainability, life quality and safety since many years. These values are also representative for Zug. The canton Zug regularly tops the rankings for the Location Quality Indicator from Credit Suisse and the competition indicator from UBS.

#11 Sunset
What do you like most about Zug? This question elicits a variety of responses. However, we can guarantee that the sunset in Zug the most common response is. As the sun sets, the lake takes on an orange, rot, yellow and then stunning blue colour. One stands there in silence and in awe. It’s no wonder that the Zug sunset is one of the most beautiful – worldwide.