Guided Tour "Frauenspuren Zug"

Guided tours


You will be able to find out a lot of fascinating information about women from the area, such as the maids at the Kolinbrunnen fountain, about beguines (members of a religious order), about women's donations to St.Oswald's Church, the veneration of Mary, the first woman teacher, women's rights and trials held in the town hall, and much more in the Old Town.

Duration: 1½ hours

Language: German, Swiss-German

Number of participants: Max. 25 per guide

Costs: CHF 200.00 per guide CHF 100.00 per guide (for
schools). Prices incl. VAT.

Frequency: Daily

Included in the offer: Expert guide through the Old
Town concentrating on five influential women.

Covid-19 note: please observe the current protective measures.

All offers are subject to error and changes.