Zug city tour - women's traces

Guided tours


How women have shaped Zug's history.

You will be able to find out a lot of fascinating information about women from the area, such as the maids at the Kolin fountain, about beguines (members of a religious order), about women's donations to St. Oswald's Church, the veneration of Mary, the first woman teacher, women's rights and trials held in the town hall, and much more in the old town.

Bookability: Daily

Duration: 1h 30min

Meeting and end point: Individually definable

Languages: German, Swiss-German

Groupe size: Max. 25 people per guide


  • CHF 200.00 per guide
  • CHF 100.00 per guide (for schools)


Prices incl. VAT.

The tours can be booked online with credit card or Twint. The tour is only considered a definite booking when you receive a confirmation from us. Short-term bookings (within 3 working days) are only possible on request. Guided tours for school classes can be booked on request.

For groups from Switzerland, invoicing is possible on request (service fee CF 20.00).

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