Junges Theater Basel: born to shine

Sie suchen nach ihren ganz persönlichen Leidenschaften und stellen diese in Beziehung zu einer Welt, die bei weitem nicht überall scheint. Ab 14 Jahren.
Junges Theater Basel: born to shine
That we are born to shine seems to go without saying. The only real question seems to be how? What do we decide, and what is decided for us? Our lives are subject to a veritable tsunami of influences every day, both on and offline. Sometimes we can be overcome by the amount of it, sometimes by the force, and sometimes the sheer oversupply of information leaves us bored. We know everything, without being well informed about it all. We need to choose, go deeper and above all stay the course – only then do we have a chance of seeing the wood for the trees. Then we can really master something, and who knows – perhaps the copy of the copy will turn out to be a new original…

Director Sebastian Nübling, choreographer Ives Thuwis and 13 performers aged from 15 to 23 search for their own personal passions and place them in the context of a world where – to say the least – not everything shines.

For ages 14+.


Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2022 ab 19:00 Uhr.

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