New Exhibition: ‘Le monde non objectif’ Solo-exhibition by Eko33

'Le monde non objectif’ Solo-exhibition by Swiss artist Eko33 will be presented at unparied. Gallery starting from 7 December.
New Exhibition: ‘Le monde non objectif’ Solo-exhibition by Eko33
Jean-Jacques Duclaux, also known as Eko33 practice is focused on creating artistic software and processes which generate unique artworks. Far from letting computers do as they wish, he defines the artistic rules and gives space to controlled luck and randomness.

Always at the bleeding edge of technology and innovation, he questions the power dynamics between humans, computers, science, creativity, and objectivity. With a broad spectrum of works, his works always focus on clear geometrical structures while including non-obvious yet advanced and diversified algorithmic forms.

Emotions conveyed by his work are evoked by an eloquent use of colors and saturation on top of a unique layering approach underlying the subjectivity and biases of the human condition. While living in the future, Eko33 is a stoic rooted in nature and swiss topography, where he gets his creative energy.

This exhibition shows old and new artworks by Eko33 curated by Kate Vass Galerie.


Wöchentlich am Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, und Freitag zwischen 10:00 - 18:30 bis Dienstag, 31. January 2023

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