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Public City Tour

The secret of the old town

The historic town centre of Zug is an idyllic place with its oriels, colourful housefronts & small alleys. But the story behind this town is much more eventful, than its peaceful appearance of today suggests.
On the guided tour through the city centre you will learn the most important historical facts of the town and hear about its success and disasters. Discover the characteristic Zytturm, the townhall with its medieval hall, the gunpowder tower, the fifteenth century St.-Oswald's church and the old charnel house. Look forward to a number of surprising discoveries as you follow the tour: after all, living in the centre of the town wasn't always attractive in the old days.
The tour will take place in every weather conditions.
It doesn't need any registration.
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  • English Tours: 27 April, 22 June, 24 August, 21 September 2019
  • Time: 9.50 am
  • Meetingpoint: Zytturm
  • Duration: Aprox. 90 minutes
  • Costs: CHF 5.00 per person
    (children under 18 years are free)
  • Registration: Not required
  • Payment: Cash on site (Guide)
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.
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