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Discover a piece of military history

Discover a piece of military history! It was once "Top secret", but is now available to the general public. The Bloodhound Missile Station BL-64 ZG can finally be uncovered and discovered.
This military missile station was developed and constructed in the 60s during the Cold War. It is one of six of its kind in central Switzerland and Jura, all six of which were kept ready and fully functional all throughout the Cold War. Today it is the world's only specimen of British Blood- hound Mark II and is ready for you to visit. Situated above Menzingen, and with spectacular views, the impressive site will be shown to you and any questions about the former "top secret" object will be answered.
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  • Location: Bloodhound-Museum Gubel
    Map Bloodhound Missile Station.pdf (146 KB)
  • Season: Daily from 1. April to November
  • Duration: 2–3 hours
  • Number of participants: Unlimited
  • Costs: CHF 275.00 set fee
    (up to 15 people)
    CHF 17.00 per additional person
    (over 16 years)
    CHF 10.00 for each additional person
    (from 7–16 years)
  • Costs for the military: Special offers for members of the Swiss Army upon request
  • Extra fee:
    (enquiry within 48 hours before the event)
    CHF 54.00
  • Included in the offer: A guided tour of the missile-museum
  • Reservation: Zug Tourismus, Tel. 041 723 68 00 or per E-Mail
  • All offers are subject to error and changes.