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Geocaching - "Find your (Christmas) Dinner"

Entertaining city rally to the dinner place

Look for hidden treasures. This is the only way to find out where dinner is. Geocaching: the entertaining and modern city rally with a mulled wine aperitif.
The dinner location is usually not known to the participants before the event. In order to find the dinner location, small groups equipped with a GPS device will find different places where tricky tasks must be solved and written down in the roadbook. Once all of the tasks have been successfully completed, all the groups will end up at the same finishing point, for example, at the dinner location. So basically the journey, consisting of several places along the way, will take each group on a different path in order to reach the same finishing point. Of course, there is always a guide nearby who can help the teams as needed. This ensures that all participants are in the right place at the agreed upon time.

On the way we can surprise your team with a mulled wine and punch stop! We can also take pictures of participants as they complete the various tasks and provide you with these photos after the event, so memories of the event remain for a long time after.
If you wish, we are also happy to help you select a suitable restaurant for your dinner.
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  • Season: Daily from October - February
  • Duration: Minimum 2 hours
  • Group size: 15 - 150 people
  • Location: City of Zug (other cities upon request)
  • Costs: Starting at CHF 45.00 per person
  • Services included: - Individual roadbooks with tricky tasks
    - GPS devices on loan
    - Introduction in the use of the GPS devices
    - Support during the Geocaching through experienced guides
  • Services not included: - Organisational fees
  • Additional options: - Mulled wine and punch during the Geocaching