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It will get hot: Table grills in the Tower

Unique dinner

A unique dinner served in a special ambience. Certain to warm the hearts of the whole team! Appetisers at the open fire, afterwards the main meal with different meat specialties, as well as raclette from the table grill. To finish off we serve homemade Christmas pastry: a unique atmosphere for a very special evening!
Enjoying Glühwein and hot punch at the open fire is the first part of an unforgettable evening. After warming up outdoors, you enter the tower where you are your own chef with the table grill. Different meat specialties, raclette cheese, potatoes and pickled vegetables are ready for you. After enjoying the various specialties, we will serve homemade Christmas pastry to round off the meal.
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  • Season: November - March
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Group Size: 12 up to 50
  • Costs: As of CHF 68.00 per person
  • Services included: - Tower aperitif at the open fire
    - Raclette à discretion
    - Different meat specialties, 160g per person (40g of beef, chicken, pork, chipolata) and potatoes
    - Different dips
    - Homemade Christmas pastry
    - Dish/silverware rental
    - After 2 hours the Service staff costs will be invoiced
  • Services not included: - Beverages based on consumption
    - Tower rental, incl. cleaning fees
    - Service personnel costs as of the 3rd hour, CH 45.00/hour per person
  • Additional options: - Salad
    - Dperitif and dessert
    - Digestif
    - Additional Beef, pork and chicken