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Architectural Highlights

ZUG promotes modern building culture

Lots of building development means there is the opportunity for a wide variety of architectural style. The rapid development of the city of Zug has meant a challenge for both developers and authorities. There is hardly an architectural trend which the cityscape of Zug does not show, in fact there are one or two architectural gems among them. Nowhere else in Switzerland are there so many architectural highlights to be seen in such a small area. It is worth going on a walk round the city for this reason alone.
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Starting point: Zug Station
  • The stations
  • 1. Citypark, Businesshouse: Diener & Diener Architekten,
    Basel, 2008
  • 2. City Garden, Hotel: EM2N Architekt AG Zürich, 2009
  • 3. „Luegeten“, Extension to Cantonal School: Enzmann & Fischer AG Architekten, Zürich, 2003
  • 4. Extension to Guthirt Primary School: Roefs + Frei Architekten AG,
    Zug, 2006
  • 5. ZUGate Logistics Centre, V-Zug AG: Bétrix & Consolascio Architekten AG, Zürich, 2009
  • 6. Zug Herti Sports Hall: Bétrix & Consolascio Architekten AG, Zürich, 2001
  • 7. St. Michael's Cemetery Building: Burkhard Meyer Architekten AG, Baden, 2005
  • 8. Lido at 13 Chamer Fussweg: Alfred Krähenbühl, Zug, 1988
  • 9. Frauensteinmatt Old People's Centre: Meier Hug Architekten, Zürich, 2010
  • 10. Restaurant at the Theater Casino Zug: Edelmann Krell Architekten,
    Zürich, 2010
  • You can find more architectural buildings under www.zugerbautenfuehrer.ch