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Old Gunpowder Tower

With walls 270 centimetres thick

In the old days, Zug was surrounded by a protecting wall, with the Pulverturm in the south-eastern corner.
Remains of the broken walls can still be seen. The walls of the Pulverturm are as thick as 270 centimetres in parts; this is because the tower was used to store gunpowder. It is not possible to visit the tower at present, though it is available for hire for parties and such like.
  • Infobox
  • Pulverturm built: 1522 to 1532
  • Removal of gunpowder store to Lorzenallmend common land: 1863
  • City walls pulled down:1885
  • Exterior renovation: 1990/91
  • Renovation: 1999
  • Exterior diameter: 14 metres
  • Thickness of wall at the bottom: 2.7 metres
  • Thickness of wall at the top: 1.8 metres