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Morgarten Monument

The battle monument on Lake Ägeri
Around 2 km north of the battlefield with its chapel, Morgartenhaus and tower, the Morgarten Monument has been surveying Lake Ägeri for more than a hundred years.

Inaugurated in 1908, the monument is unique in the panoply of Swiss monuments. There is nothing quite like it for situation and design, size and shape.

The edifice is constructed entirely of Nagelfluh conglomerate. The base consists of cyclopean masonry, while the ashlar masonry and protruding pillars feature coarsely worked sides; the inclined roof is worked to a smooth finish. The restrained architectural arrangement of the protruding pillars, grooved within the capitals, is barely noticeable. The same applies to the shield-shaped cartouche in the tympanum, framed by stylised tassels. In it, picked out in bronze, are the words DEN HELDEN VON MORGARTEN 1315 (To the heroes of Morgarten 1315).