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Pike Fountain

Once used for measuring fish

The Fischmarkt really did used to be a fish market. This is why a fountain has been here since the middle of the 16 century, to clean fish. And it was against the fountain pipe that measurements for the fish trade were indicated until they were removed to the gable of the custom's house.
Today, a sculpture of young boy holding a pike decorates the fountain. This dates back to 1956, when it was created by Andreas Kögler, who died in the same year. In 1956, sculptor Andreas Kögler created the new fish market fountain, with the figure of a boy holding a pike in his arms.
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  • Fountain pipe added: 1670
  • Demolition of Hechtbrunnen: 1857
  • Removal of fountain to the Customs House: 1868
  • New Hechtbrunnen erected with the figure of Andreas Kögler: 1956