feel the rhythm


Our ancestors were already running - in the Stone Age, to hunt and sometimes to escape. Later, in ancient times, running took on a new dimension: the sport of running was born. Since the first Olympic Games, running has continued its triumphal march around the world. Running is also very popular here in Canton Zug: professional runners, hobby joggers, Nordic walking fans and even racing cyclists and mountain bikers compete on the fixed timing courses of the Zugerberg Finance Trophy. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you will love the Vita and forest trails. Follow your own rhythm and become one with nature.

Urban Running

City, country, river

Playfully discover the picturesque city, seek out hidden gems and meet nice people. Or simply taking advantage of the early morning hours to jog a lap before work or a meeting - this is what modern urban running looks like. Zug offers first-class opportunities to explore the city and its surroundings while jogging and developing good thoughts.

Zug.Run- Starte dein Lauf mitten im malerischen Zug.
Zugerberg Finanz Trophy
Waldparcours Zug – eine Kombination von Kunst & Bewegung.