Events in Zug have such enigmatic names: “Bäckermöhli”, “Greth Schell”, “Chrööpfelimee”. They are also said to be incredible—unmissable, in fact. If you want to know what these enigmatic terms mean, come along on a virtual journey through Zug’s calendar of events. 



The ringing of the Chriesigloggen (Cherry Bells) marks the start of the Chriesisaison (cherry season). When the people hear the sound, they grab their ladders and run. That’s the “Chriesisturm” (“cherry storm”). Join in with this curious custom and then stroll through the fragrant Chriesimärt (Cherry Market). 


Stierenmarkt (Bull Market)

Cattle-trading just like in the good old days: young animals and adult bulls from all over Switzerland are bought and sold at this annual bull market. Nearby, the sows run their annual race while the kids pet the goats and sheep, and the grown-ups chat about this and that. 



With the Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival, ESAF2019, the people of Zug sealed their reputation as people who know how to organise a wrestling festival. Much smaller, but no less exciting annual wrestling festivals include the Oberwiler Nachwuchsschwingertag (a festival for young wrestlers) and Zugerberg-Swinget. 


Morgartenschießen (Morgarten Shoot)

The historic Morgarten Shoot is a key date in the diary for shooting enthusiasts from all over Switzerland. This traditional event has been held here since 1912, and with 1,200 participants, it is one of the largest such events in Switzerland. 


Räbeliechtli Procession

In this procession, people carve small works of art out of Räben (turnips). They carry their creations with them as they go singing through the alleys. They say that the children's eyes shine brighter during this the candle-lit procession. See it for yourself. 

Chlausauszug Unterägeri



Many places have traditions that involve St. Nicholas. But we don’t think you’ll have experienced a procession quite like this. The “Rottä des Chlauseslä” procession in the Ägerital is one of a kind. So why not sign up to take part now? 



Join in the cries of “Bäckermöhli” and catch one of the more than 3,000 baked goods (Mutschli and Weggli) that are distributed at this traditional event held by the guild of millers, bakers and confectioners. 


Greth Schell

Join Greth Schell as she carries her drunken husband home in a basket on her back, accompanied by the “Löli”, who represent the husband’s drinking companions and are dressed in vibrant robes of seven colours. 



Listen to the traditional Chrööpfelimee singing groups sing for newly married couples. They are rewarded with doughnuts and wine. 


Holz flössen

They are the last of their kind in the whole of Central Europe: the “Flösser” (log drivers) of Lake Ägeri. Every year for centuries now, they have been taking the trees felled from the mountain forest and floating them in rafts across the icy-cold Lake Ägeri. 

5th Season


With the starting signal, the Chesslete on Dirty Thursday, the carnival state of emergency applies until Güdel Tuesday.

Kulinarische Spezialitäten