The landscape around the Schönenberg rapids, known as the Sihlsprung, will surprise and impress you. The narrowness of the river here and the blocks of “Nagelfluh” (the particular conglomerate rock found in the Alps) make this part of the otherwise tranquil River Sihl appear wild and ancient. The hiking trail takes you not only around the mossy rocks and under the overhangs found along the banks of the Sihl but also through tunnels: the Sihlgalerien. The tunnel system was originally built by the City of Zurich water-supply authority. It probably became a tourist attraction purely by accident. The Finstersee waterfall is another must-see around here. It is above the Sihltal (Sihl Valley) on the Mülibach stream. Depending on the time of day and the day of the week, it can be a source of strength, a place of reflection or an exhilarating destination for the whole family.