When the Gotthard Pass was opened around the year 1200, it became part of the north-south route between Horgen on Lake Zurich and Zug. At Horgen, the goods were transferred from ships onto pack animals. Then they were transported via the Säumerweg (mule trail) over the Hirzel to Zug, and subsequently onwards to Italy. Today, the trail is marked out with brown signposts and is a popular hiking route. Equally popular trails include the Sihluferweg (route along the banks of the Sihl) and other hiking trails that lead through the hilly moraine landscape between the Sihl and the Lorze. Mighty lime trees stand alone and proud on the hilltops of the moraine landscape.  As soon as you catch a glimpse of the dome of Menzingen Monastery, you will understand why this place is affectionately nicknamed “Little Rome”.