Höhronen – Raten – Gottschalkenberg

Walks and hikes 

Start off at Raten bus stop in Alosen, then set out on the 90-minute Ratenpfad (Raten Trail) through the shady forest. There are five information stations along the way. They will teach you about the local forest, the wildlife that lives in it, the old ruling families of the region and their stories. For example, you will learn that Gottschalkenberg was named after its first owner, Ueli Gottschalk, who acquired the land from Einsiedeln Abbey in the 16th century. Of course, the Ratenpfad is not the only hiking route around here. There are plenty of pleasant (but also sweat-inducing) routes that will take you in all directions: to the neighbouring regions of Ägerital-Sattel, Schwyz and Lake Zurich.   

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