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Zug Old Town Market

Weekly market with vegetables, fruit, cheese, flowers.

Every Saturday morning various market drivers offer their products on the Landsgemeindeplatz. You will find a rich assortment of fruits and vegetables, seasonal fruits and berries, but also bakery products, bread, cheese, fish, Italian specialties, colorful flowers, organic products and many other healthy and delicious rarities.
There is always time for a cosy shopping trip, for a chat with friends and for a personal conversation with the market drivers. The waves of Lake Zug hit the shore of the Landsgemeindeplatz easily. This beautiful cobbled square, framed by restaurants and cafés, is the location of Zug's Old Town Market.
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  • When: Every Saturday
  • Time: 7.30 am - 12.00 pm
  • Where: Landsgemeindeplatz, Zug
  • Contact: Roger Brun, Phone: 041 728 22 16,
    E-Mail: Polizeiamt Stadt Zug
  • Website: Altstadt Zug