DOUBLE SIDE - Swiss premiere with live music.
The dancers of Aterballetto are among the masters of their craft in Italy. In their new production "DOUBLE SIDE", which will have its Swiss premiere at Theater Casino Zug, they are inspired by updated baroque music based on Henry Purcell and Arvo Pärt's famous "Stabat Mater" to create a moving play of bodies.

On display are works by two choreographers who have been little known in Switzerland until now: Danièle Desnoyer founded the dance company Le Carré des Lombes in 1989 and is now considered one of Canada's most influential artists. In Zug she will show her work "With Dropping Wings" with music from an English suite by Federico Gon after Henry Purcell. Norge Cedeño Raffo is a dancer and choreographer who has won several important prizes in his native Cuba. In his choreography to Arvo Pärt's poignant composition "Stabat Mater" he combines American contemporary dance with Afro-Cuban tradition.

In both choreographies, the renowned Aterballetto is musically accompanied live on stage by three young singers and the Quartetto Motus per La Toscanini from Parma.

With Dropping Wings
by Federico Gonnach Henry Purcell
Choreography, costumes: Danièle Desnoyers
Dance: 8 dancers

Stabat Mater
by Arvo Pärt
Choreography, costumes: Norge Cedeño Raffo
Dance: 3 dancers

Live music
Soprano: Theodora Io Koutsothodoru
Countertenor Niccolò Balducci
Tenor Kim Bowoo
Quartetto Motus per La Toscanini Giulia Soli (violin), Agnese Rava (violin), Dario Carrera (viola), Margherita Curti (cello)

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Event dates

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 from 7:00 PM to 10:59 PM.

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