Ciao Ciao

A circus adventure for young and old, by Martin Zimmermann with Ballett Theater Basel.
Ciao Ciao
Gelsomina is funny, clever and likes to ignore the rules. Or if not, then make up her own. Her friend thinks he knows how theatre works, what belongs in there and what does not, but Gelsomina soon turns those preconceptions on their head. Together, the two of them discover that the stage is much more than a black hole with curtains in front of it – in fact, it is a magical treasure chest of genius with unending possibilities for daring acrobatics, ever-transforming dancers and clownesque figures.

In this imaginative play for all the family, multi-faceted Swiss artist Martin Zimmermann combines the talents of two circus artists with the Basle Ballet ensemble, and broaches the pivotal human issues of belonging and authority, dependence and freedom, friendship and the spirit of innovation. Using elements of object theatre, installation art, physical theatre and dance, he cleverly fashions a highly visual and almost feline universe.

Event dates

Saturday, January 14, 2023 from 5:00 PM to 10:59 PM.

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