eVolution Dance Theater

A mixture of artistry, black light theater, magic and movement.
eVolution Dance Theater
The eVolution Dance Theater takes the audience on a visually breathtaking tour of the world below the seas. Dance and light technologies combine to create a flowing, magical series of illusions. Corals light up as rays of sunlight stream through the surface of the water. The sea bed is illuminated by colours that look as if they were painted by the hand of an artist. There is no above and no below. There is no gravity, merely wondrous light. Endless blue is the origin of every metamorphosis. Changes in form and depth wrap the secret creatures of the sea in a sensual and overwhelming embrace.

The eVolution Dance Theater was formed in Rome in 2008 by US-born dancer and choreographer Anthony Ryan Heinl. The company stands for “creativity in movement” with its blend of art, black-light theatre, magic and movement.

Event dates

Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 6:00 PM to 9:59 PM.

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