Lukas DeRungs Quintett & Jazzchor Freiburg
KOSMOS SUITE is a melting-pot of different worlds and two existing ensembles – the renowned Jazzchor Freiburg and the Lukas DeRungs Quintet, led by the Zug-born pianist and composer – and will be playing here for the first time at the Theater Casino Zug. The result promises to be an explosive yet contemplative fusion of the emotional depth of a multi-voice vocal ensemble and the physical energy of an improvisational jazz formation. KOSMOS SUITE is a sound experience with poetic force, a live science fiction mini-series in musical form, somewhere between modern jazz and renaissance choral music, between pop and avant-garde improvisation, between order and chaos.

KOSMOS SUITE is based on English texts by contemporary poets Kamilah Aisha Moon, Constanze Zacharias, Immy Churchill and Dominique De Groen. They describe the journey through human existence in five words: Spark (a new beginning) // Blast (explosion) // Life (empathy) // Void (angst) // Home (return). They ask question ‘why?’, and deal with life and death, darkness and light, time, being, belonging, confusion and trust, and with our place as individuals in the great beyond that is the cosmos.

Event dates

Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 6:00 PM to 9:59 PM.

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