Macbeth – retold by imitating the dog

Multimedia theater in English after William Shakespeare.
Macbeth – retold by imitating the dog
A man lies covered in blood on the floor of an old town pub, next to him the corpses of the dreaded criminal Macbeth and his once all-powerful partner, Lady Macbeth. While police sirens are already approaching in the distance, the survivor recounts the gruesome backstory of the nefarious couple and tells how their violent deaths occurred.

In flashbacks as well as via projections, moving screens and live camera technology, the story of Macbeth, who, driven by his lust for power and his ambitious wife, undertakes everything to become king, is retold in an image-rich manner. "Macbeth" poses the question of the origins of evil and, based on Shakespeare's "classic" tragedy that is always topical, examines the complex relationship between ambition, power and violence in a present in which the concept of morality is constantly being put to the test.

The British artists' collective imitating the dog was founded in 1998 by Pete Brooks, Andrew Quick and Simon Wainwright and has made a name for itself far beyond England through innovative and extraordinary reinterpretations of classics of world literature.

Event dates

Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 7:00 PM to 10:59 PM.

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