Max von Moos – Florin Granwehr – Brigitte Moser. New Donations

The Kunsthaus Zug shows generous donations, which are exhibited for the first time.
Max von Moos – Florin Granwehr – Brigitte Moser. Neue Schenkungen
Parallel to Jan Jedlička's exhibition, Kunsthaus Zug is showing representative groups of works by Max von Moos, Florin Granwehr and Brigitte Moser - generous donations that are being exhibited for the first time.

Max von Moos (1903 - 1979) lived and worked in Lucerne and is one of the most important Surrealists in Switzerland. His works from the Thali Collection irritate and challenge perception. Florin Granwehr's (1942 - 2019) works also pose the question: what do I actually see? In his sculptural works, the Zurich-born artist plays with perspective and allows the sophisticated, mathematically constructed structures to tilt in perception. The jewelry artist Brigitte Moser (*1945), who works in the canton of Zug, creates objects that break with the common notion of jewelry.

Curated by Matthias Haldemann

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