M.S.BASTIAN / ISABELLE L. - "Pulp City!"

Retrospectively, we show the comix urbanism of Biel artists and how it has changed tremendously in recent years.
M.S. Bastian / Isabelle L. – «Pulp City!»

The symphony of a big city: Who knows how to conduct it better than the artist couple M.S. BASTIAN / ISABELLE L.?

Retrospectively we show their urbanism. They plan and paint (high-)rise buildings and facades, streets and neon signs, stores and sidewalks, squares and boulevards. The city visitor is taken in by the honking of cars, the babble of voices on the streets, the music from some ghetto blaster. The glittering shop windows attract us magically. In the distance, a siren screeches and the elevated train thunders past above us. It smells like fritöse, roasted almonds, coffee and garbage collection. The sun is glistening in the cloudy sky. The man in the moon gets a visit from aliens.

Shooting stars burn up in the firmament. Make a wish!

And what would the teeming, fun-filled city jungle be without its many inhabitants? It's teeming with laughing characters, quirky types, likeable weirdos and strange normies, dazzling birds of paradise and gray-colored mice. There is much for you to discover and experience.

Now you need a break.

A short moment to take a deep breath. To pause. Let go.
The show is about to go on. Fifteen minutes to curtain. Drum roll. Fanfare choir. The perfect moment for a refreshing drink. Energy drink.

In addition to their bastionic city views, the UNDERWORLD BAR, founded by Isabelle and Bastian back in the late 90s, is also inviting. With international dependencies and great success, this closed microcosm was conceptually revised and expanded by the artist duo and ceremoniously reopened in the center of the GALERIE URS REICHLIN.

Their host: PULP.
"PULP'S UNDERWORLD BAR" is open every Thursday until 21:00 and can be rented exclusively.

Welcome - Bienvenue - Welcome!

The vernissage on 03 November from 18:00 to 21:00 will take place in the presence with the artist couple.

Food and drink will be provided.

We look forward to your registration.

Baarerstrasse 133
6300 Zug

+41 41 763 14 11
Wednesday and Friday from 10.15 - 18.15 hrs
Thursday from 10.15 - 21.00
Saturday from 10.15 - 16.15 hrs
and by appointment


Urs Reichlin & Steffen Urbanski


FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/galerieursreichlin/ and on
ARTSY https://www.artsy.net/galerie-urs-reichlin
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/urs-reichlin-90b63b70/
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa99Fel5PMhV2O9uzD3Uh5g

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Weekly on Saturday at 10:15am - 4:15pm until Sat, Jan 14 2023

Weekly on Wednesday at 10:15am - 6:15pm until Sat, Jan 14 2023

Weekly on Thursday at 10:15am - 9:00pm until Sat, Jan 14 2023

Weekly on Friday at 10:15am - 6:15pm until Sat, Jan 14 2023

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