RÖMER + RÖMER - "Top on top"

RÖMER + RÖMER - "TOP ON TOP" January 19 - March 4, 2023
RÖMER + RÖMER — «Top on top»
A comforting warmth radiates from the centerpiece, the three-part painted work "IN THE FACE OF THE BURN", which, at almost four meters long, completely captivates the viewer.

Sitting or standing and with their eyes riveted, some of the Burning Man festival participants look at what is happening in front of them. The expression on their faces appears amazed, spellbound, fixed, surprised but peaceful and happy. The main event takes place: the oversized wooden statue, the Burning Man, is burned on the seventh day of the festival.

For Nina and Torsten Römer it was an equally impressive moment to witness the main event live. This particularly atmospheric snapshot had to be captured. A perfect snapshot - because almost invisible and unnoticed they pressed the shutter release of their camera. The portrayed festival visitors in the picture do not take up to the viewers any contact: undisturbed and completely naturally in their behavior this atmospheric moment were immortalized painted on canvas. The actual burning ritual must be made reality by the viewer of the picture with his own imagination.

The 2022 created captivating masterpiece reflects more than just a snapshot or a moment. It is alive and full of emotion. The viewer can literally feel the intense shimmering heat that festival-goers must have felt during the Burning Man rite.

Constantly on the lookout for challenging new motifs for their painted works, Nina and Torsten Römer travel the world. The year 2022, for example, ended with an artist-in-residence trip to Mahébourg, Mauritius. Social expeditions, festivals and cultural features serve as sources of inspiration for the two. The focus is almost always on people and they take the leading role in their "pixelated" images.

So too in their new Castellers shown works:
Castells are human pyramids traditionally erected at festivals in Catalonia, Spain. These towers can reach up to 10 stories high - literally "TOP ON TOP" - the Castellers stack and balance, forming something common, strong, planned and complex.

But our exhibition title, "TOP ON TOP," is equally reflective of the artist couple's painting style. Dots of color, brightly layered on canvas, come together to form an almost photo-realistic unity. The color flickering, viewed from close up, reflects the materiality of the paint on canvas - hardly comprehensible to the human eye. At a distance, however, defines a clearly recognizable, resolved overall work in almost photorealistic quality.

Since 1998 Nina and Torsten Römer are not only artistic couple. We celebrate with you and them 25 years of RÖMER + RÖMER.

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Saturday, January 21, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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