SPIELRAUM - the art and culture festival of punktZug

The SPIELRAUM festival aims to present local and regional art and cultural creativity broadly and in a refreshingly sustainable way.
SPIELRAUM - das Kunst- und Kultur-Festival von punktZug
SPIELRAUM - the art and culture festival of punktZug

Zug art and culture presented in a varied, compact, sustainable and technically professional way: That is SPIELRAUM.

The cultural activities in the canton of Zug are manifold. Professional artists as well as dedicated amateurs of various disciplines create culture that sometimes only reaches the public in a roundabout way - if at all. Real gems often lie dormant in rehearsal rooms or craft basements. There are few interdisciplinary productions. The audience rarely gets involved with the unknown or the unfamiliar.

With SPIELRAUM, the association punktZug creates a platform that presents local and regional art and culture in a broad and refreshingly sustainable way. It offers space for surprises, new discoveries, improvisation, experimentation and low-threshold exchange. The latter both between the artists and cultural workers, as well as between them and the audience.

On Mai 19 and 20, 2023, the Kultursilo Böschhof in Hünenberg will be the venue for a cultural spectacle that focuses on the broad facet and professionalism of local creativity. Similar to an artists' market, the participants present themselves on these days between 6 and 11 p.m. each day. SPIELRAUM is a diverse festival that is enriched by interactions with the audience and takes place both physically and digitally. It generates added value for all participants.

Interesting and unusual insights behind the scenes are part of the concept. The performing artists can be seen over the shoulders as they prepare for their performance or as they create spontaneous events together next to the stage. SPIELRAUM is also a workshop/laboratory and practice space. Cross-overs between different cultural genres are provoked and specifically promoted: Music meets improvised acting. Comedy meets dance. Visual art meets spoken word. New visual and auditory experiences will emerge. The audience will also get involved in a culture that has been little known to them up to now.

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Event dates

Weekly on Friday and Saturday All day until Sat, May 20 2023

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