Zug - a treasure trove of archaeology

Discovered, excavated and restored: The focus is on finds that have given new impetus to the museum and to Zug archaeology and have had a decisive influence on our knowledge of the past.
Zug – eine Schatzkammer der Archäologie
The canton of Zug is rich in archaeology. For over 150 years, new sites and finds have been discovered time and again, and since 1930 they have been presented to the public in their own museum. The exhibition "Zug - a treasure trove of archaeology" focuses on a selection of outstanding discoveries and events. Like a milestone, these gave fresh impetus to Zug archaeology and opened a new chapter in the museum's history.

The range of "masterpieces" is broad: from alluvial wood from the time of the pile dwellers to the Roman coin treasure, from the pioneering days of Zug archaeology to the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps", from the gravel pit in the forest to the construction site in the village center: excavations, finds and personalities are presented and their contribution to Zug archaeology is honored. How was a site discovered? How were the objects excavated and restored? Which epochs of prehistory do they represent, and what knowledge do we owe to them?

The exhibition is aimed at visitors of all ages. Interactive stations and a treasure hunt for children invite visitors to participate. In line with the exhibition, there are also new offerings in the studio and the children's gallery.

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Weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2:00 - 5:00pm until Sun, May 21 2023

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