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Experience playground at the Brickworks Museum, Hagendorn

Activity Area for young children

The recreation area of the Brickworks Museum is totally dedicated to nature.
It is here where there are tree trunks, a clay pit and a tunnel of willow trees which encourage children to explore and discover nature. Naturally brick-making features here, too, after all this was a brick-making area. Brick-making sets can be borrowed and then it is off to the clay pits where children just have to follow the dwarfs' instructions. One highlight is the little transporter wagon once used there. Whoever feels a little hungry after so much brick carrying can have something to eat or drink at the snack bar or grill a sausage at the space provided; then it is back to finding out more about brick-making. A visit to this brick making museum, which is unique to Switzerland, is always worthwhile.
  • Distance on foot from public transport
  • < 15 minutes
  • Equipment
  • Adventure playgroundAdventure playground
  • Sand playing areaSand playing area
  • Open fire placeOpen fire place
  • Café/kiosk/snack barCafé/kiosk/snack bar