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Chilematt Recreation Ground Neuheim

Discover this adventure mound and area

This is a recreation ground offering lots of choice.
In fact it can be said that every child is sure to have fun. In the middle of the playing area there is a mound which can be explored on all fours, by climbing up steps or by creeping through bushes. What is more, there are other facilities such as a carousel, a large sand pit, a climbing frame, a rocking horse, swings as well as a fountain. Despite all these, there is still lots of space to be able to play football. Even if it rains there is the opportunity to take shelter there.
  • Distance on foot from public transport
  • < 15 minutes
  • Equipment
  • Sand playing areaSand playing area
  • Water playing areaWater playing area
  • Grassed area/lawnGrassed area/lawn
  • Place to shelterPlace to shelter
  • Shopping facilityShopping facility
  • WCWC