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Adventure trail and "Hopping Path", Hünenberg

Experiencing the woods on a "hopping path"

Woodland is not just the place for jogging, taking the dog out for a walk or walking.
It can become part of an experience itself. With carefully positioned wooden play features, children and the young-at-heart can enjoy making their way through the undergrowth and spiders' webs . This "hopping path" will help strengthen your senses. From a tree house two metres up, they can imagine what it is like to be a bird in the branches or enjoy hearing the leaves rustle in the wind from a wooden sofa. There is also somewhere to have a barbecue with tables and chairs and also a viewing platform to survey all the lovely woodland views.
  • Distance on foot from public transport
  • < 15 minutes
  • Equipment
  • Adventure playgroundAdventure playground
  • Open fire placeOpen fire place
  • Place to shelterPlace to shelter