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Raten Recreation Ground in Oberägeri

Surfing on the Raten Pass

The force of wind on the surf board, the screams of delight coming from the maze or those enjoying the trampoline.
It is on the Raten Pass that the adventure can begin. The Raten recreation ground is directly next to the Raten Restaurant and is an absolute paradise for children. It is great fun to play catch in the maze and if you cannot find the exit, you can always be guided by the pipe telephone. Then there is a long rope way and, for those with strong nerves, a suspension bridge. For those who prefer things a bit calmer, there are a number of swings and hammocks to dangle your legs from, or just withdraw into the log cabin.
  • Distance on foot from public transport
  • < 15 minutes
  • Equipment
  • Adventure playgroundAdventure playground
  • Café/kiosk/snack barCafé/kiosk/snack bar
  • WCWC