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adventureland playground Teuflibach, Cham

With its woods, a stream, a BBQ area, huts, a garden and much more

This area is an absolute paradise for young explorers and was set up by the ZuKi Association, which promotes activities for young children.
It is here where school-age children have the opportunity to experiment and play as well as discover about nature in innumerable ways, such as building a dam in the stream • picking fruits and flowers • building their own hut • laying out a string maze • working with natural materials • exploring the woods • climbing the mound • working in the workshop • abseiling into the ravine • pretending to be a Red Indian • playing in the large clay pit • making a fire • Not only are there endless possibilities to play, there are a number of ways children can discover things under supervision. The ZuKi Association looks after children in the holidays, organises play sessions on Saturdays and Wednesday afternoons, arranges courses in craft, children's birthday party celebrations as well as free-play sessions on Sundays in summer. Whenever it is open, the area is supervised. Charges are made for some activities. Go to www.zuki.ch to find out more about opening times and the ZuKi Association.
Journey: from Cham station with the bus 43 bis to station Hammer.
  • Distance on foot from public transport
  • < 15 minutes
  • Equipment
  • Adventure playgroundAdventure playground
  • Sand playing areaSand playing area
  • Water playing areaWater playing area
  • Open fire placeOpen fire place
  • Place to shelterPlace to shelter
  • WCWC