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Unterwulfligen Recreation Area, Menzingen

Somewhere to have a barbecue between the more mountainous area and the valley

At the eastern end of the old bridge over the ravine over the River Lorze is a small barbecue area with a play tower.
The Unterwulfligen barbecue area is a perfect place to have something to eat, situated as it is between the more mountainous areas of the canton and the valley. It is on this path to Edlibach, here in Menzingen, that one can make a short stop for children to play a while. The tower provides a number of opportunities for children to try out their climbing skills and if you want to enjoy a meal in the open air, there is firewood on hand and a place to grill food. All you have to do is bring your own sausages.
  • Distance on foot from public transport
  • < 15 minutes
  • Equipment
  • Open fire placeOpen fire place